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new webcam. 

9 deviants said WHAT? It's just my new friend. He won't hurt you (unless you're a mosquito)
4 deviants said Eww I hate spiders. Won't deal with it.
4 deviants said His name is Boris. (Like that song by The Who)
No deviants said It reminds me of this old man I see in the park. He's in his late 70's and dresses like a hipster.


If you're worried of someone taking that can of raviolis that you wanna eat later Just peel the label off. Trust me. They see a can with no label the won't touch it. The might think it's corn or something. 


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Instead just comment on my profile. I only use notes for private conversation.

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IF YOU'RE A CYBER BULLY, FUCK OFF!!! Just because "This is the internet" doesn't give you the right to be rude to random people and then tell them they're too immature to take an insult and shouldn't be on the internet.

Grow the fuck up! Cause you cyber bully fuckers are the ones who are to immature too even be near a computer. :iconkelsoburnplz:

I have no time to deal with insults I've heard so many times before. I know "My art sucks!" I suck!, ETC Well write your insult down on a piece of paper, Roll it up as thin as a straw, coat it with some KY jelly and shove it . Thank you.

ALSO: If you decide to submit my art to your tumblr blogs or you tube videos, Ask me first and you better get an OK or else I will report you!!!

NO RACISM: I seriously hate it and will not deal with it on my profile. I will block you.

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gonna try drawing irkens

Ask about cartoon characters. If I like or don't like the idea I'll let you know.



MLP ( tried once and hated it. )

TF and TF2 (I hate team fortress)

pregnancy as a fetish (No big belly buttons or being pregnant with alien babies, or multiple pregnancies.)

scat and diaper fetishes ( That's just fucking gross)

foot fetishes ( Well not really big feet where if you clip the nails and use them as boomerangs)


any fetishes I feel sickened by.

extreme weight gain.

Blueberry or fruit inflation




Anything I have never heard of.

Hate art

Video game characters.

I have the right to turn down your idea if I don't like it. Problem? Take your business elsewhere.

If you tell me to draw something I don't feel comfortable drawing and I say no DO NOT! tell me "I like it Okay!" I have every right to turn down your idea. Like I said if you have a problem go bother someone else.

Also Please don't keep hounding about when your pic will be ready! I'll draw it when I draw it. Ask 3 times and I won't draw it at all.

If you say something like Hurry up with my pic or demand me to hurry in anyway I will automatically reject your request. I'll draw your pic when I feel like it.

And if it was a commission that you already paid for you're gonna hate this. Demand me to hurry up I'll cancel it and will not refund the points.

I have more important things to worry about other than DA. Thank you.

Prices. MS paint drawing 20 :points:

MS paint touched up with GIMP 50 :points:

I've discontinued the hand drawn drawings due to the fact that my hand always locks up when I draw.

I don't use pay pal. Only DA points

Don't like my art then why bother viewing my profile? There's the back button, See ya!

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Amazing DA friends

:iconsonadowfangirl96: sister from heaven

:iconcodemaster9999: Bro

:icongreenquee: lil sis :icondrawingqueenez123:

:iconculdisackid: the random tomboy who sleeps on the couch

:iconmizu-star-chibi: lil sis

:iconcamara-san: pet kitty

:icontinystar10: fantroll

:iconlongtail72: the magical human with a snake body and horns that lives in my basement!

:iconanimecat237: younger but smarter sister

:iconhedgehognetworks: big bro

:iconmaximusgrowler: the Unicorn that wanders aimlessly about

:iconblaisie: my parole officer

:iconarzaldaxemanks: sis

:iconelectropunk25: older half sis

:iconbolt-the-wolf-real: bro

:iconthunderxleaf: and :iconxxicezaelaxx: sisters

:iconkuro-no-demon: the puppy

:iconsarah-moonlight-girl: sis

:icon931105j: big bro

:iconlunarexorcist: sis

:iconprincessnintendo64: catgirl sister

:iconantiinvaderdixie: the family stalker

:icondemonmoo: sis

:iconkrystalxfox12: sis

:iconconsuelaplz: my housekeeper

:icondepressed-rainbow: new best friend

:iconvendettaofthelight: the crazy pervert

:icontoppaw: The cat that sleeps on my head


:iconmrsxsnake: Sis

:iconjoioijoihoijioho: my little dirty minded sister

:iconrammdark: Helpful lil sis

:iconusemybases: The Mandark-obsessed teenybopper who sits by the TV

:iconsaintrowfan2: Long lost Twin bro

:iconstormraffniel: Pet llama fox

:iconbrickercupmasterx3: My Brickercup obsessed sis

:iconoooc-zone: Mr Weird

:iconcrystalrobot: The reason why I joined DA in the first place.

:iconskoryx: pet ostrich

:iconxxdeliciousleexx: pet dog

:iconcrazedg: sis

:iconthefinalflaw: pet schizophrenic talking wolf
:icontwi-da-sonicdork:my insane as nyans sister

:iconxxsilverseaxx: sis

:iconstonedgato: 4:20 buddy :weed:

:iconqeva: Kitty

:iconcream--pie: The goldfdish

My birthday badge





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